BOQARI is a couture collection of seamless apparel designed to hug your body, show off your curves and skin, and be sexy and comfy for every body, gender, and identity.

Originally designed to bring meld the comfort of seamless design with unique European sophistication, BOQARI is unlike anything else you can find. Our mission is to expand joy and sensuality for every body that wears our designs, and we hope you feel both comfortable and outrageously sexy wearing your BOQARI.

BOQARI is the creation of Eros Rosenfield, a former Inc. 500 CEO, designer, innovator and advocate for sensual pleasure. He serves as lead designer and CEO of BOQARI.

Elizabeth Franko fell in love with the wearable ease and unique look of BOQARI and joined the team at Chief Marketing Officer and junior designer. She is the CEO of a skin care company, a writer, a mother, and a sensual visionary.